BST College believes in imparting quality education. For the outmost nurturing of the students, BST College organizes Formative and Summative Evaluation throughout the academic year. For the students of different streams, college organizes the different terminal examinations based on the NEB format. There is disbursement of the students’ result in the due presence of the students and parents. The college administration and the teaching faculties of the college provides the feedbacks, motivation and counseling for the students so that they could understand the value of examination in their academic journey. Likewise, college even launches the retest examination as an internal evaluation to the low achievers in the examination. The exam continues until the students do not pass in that particular subjects. In this way, BST owns every children in the homely environment. On the other hand, the students are evaluated from their presentation style, project based exams, practical exams, viva voce as BST believes that only the examinations those are organized in written format might not evaluate the actual capability of students in proper. Besides the formal examination, the college organizes the different chapter-wise, unit-wise and weekly based examinations for the continuous improvement of the students under the mature and proper monitoring and surveillance of the par excellence team of the college.

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