Subjects List

Compulsory : Nepali, English, Social Studies/Mathematics
Optional-I: Account, Economics, Business Mathematics
Optional-II: Account, Economics, Business Studies
Optional-III: Account, Economics, Computer Science
Optional-IV: Account, Economics, Hotel Management
Optional-V: Account, Tourism & Mountaineering Studies, Hotel Management
Optional-VI: Account, Marketing, Hotel Management


The highly professional of the different dimensions of education field deploys the quality education to the students in this college. There are abundant reference books as well as resource materials to support the practical and viable teaching of Hotel Management course and Travel tourism. The spacious hotel management lab of the college is another center of attraction. The college organizes the official visits of different star hotels of Kathmandu Valley where they are taught and guided the authentic knowledge by the resource persons. In the same way, the different hikes, field trips and visits related to travel tourism is organized by the college. The total time spent by the students in this college is all about their professionalism and retaining the knowledge of 21st century. The pass-out students of the college have set their great academic journey either in the further studies or in the different professional attachments of life.

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